Compact Disco Defender

A unique system for a compact portable party.

A fun project for us at Danley Distribution helping out an old friend Martyn Henderson AKA DJ MASH.

The job was to revamp the system in his Mobile DJ Land Rover Defender the ‘Compact Disco Defender’ as it is known.  

The brief was to keep it easy for 1 person to set up easily, quickly and fit it all in the back of the vehicle when going to an event. It also needs to be removed from the vehicle when its not being used as mobile DJ booth. 

SM60F were chosen as the main FoH speakers as they handle the typical event size of 50-250 no problem, a TH28 for filling in the bottom notes was chosen for its small size Vs output.

Since the new system was added Martyn has found ……. 

Q – What comments’ have you had from customers about the new rig?

A great compliment to them was when I was sound checking at a festival, and the sound engineers from the main stage came over to see what they were! 

Q- What have you found to be different compared to your old rig? 

The sound quality and clarity is amazing! Such an improvement. 

Q- How is the functionality of the PA?

I have heard parts of tracks I have never heard before, the clarity is that good. The sub fills the bottom end and neatly slots under my tow bar. The sub means it doesn’t need to be driven as loud as all the frequencies are covered. 

Q- Anything else to add?

I can’t recommend these high enough. They are absolutely perfect for me with quality sound, and look the business!

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