We Out Here Festival

Site-wide Audio, with Spectacular Results.

Taking place in the rolling Cambridgeshire countryside, the inaugural We Out Here Festival in August 2019 saw, Danley suppliers, A-Live Sound tasked with providing high-quality sound for an audiophile crowd on a site known for issues with noise licensing during its time as the home of a previous festival.

To try and solve these previous noise issues, A-Live worked with the promotors on a site design which allowed them to manage the direction of audio and ultimately reduce noise bleed between stages to almost nothing. Whatever stage you stood in front of, the music was always clear and loud without hearing other stages in the background. This was even the case in the congested central area of the site which saw 6 small stages in close proximity, with a cinema and live radio stage amongst them.

Having heard Danley Sound Labs speakers on a previous event, the promoters opted to exclusively utilise the brand across site for WOH due to their ability to sound great with a broad mix of musical programming – with the festival taking in everything from jazz to techno. Danley’s horn loaded speaker range also had the added benefit of combining well with the intelligent site design to further reduce the off-site noise readings to previously unachieved levels.

“Oh my gosh – I’ve never had so many artists run after me to thank me about the sound! From Randal to Matthew Herbert it was crisp and powerful… Dwight Trible just called it ‘futuristic’. How can so much sound come from so little!”

Gilles Peterson (festival co-founder) 

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